The Way of the Psychonaut, Volume 1

Stanislav Grof, MD, PhD


ENCYCLOPEDIA FOR INNER JOURNEYS – A Two-Volume Series (link to Volume 2)

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This comprehensive work is a tour de force through the worlds of psychology, psychotherapy, Holotropic Breathwork®, maps of the psyche, birth, sex, and death, reincarnation, karma, mystical states, archetypes, art, artists, and higher creativity.

“In these two volumes, Stan Grof shares the distillation of a lifetime of scholarship, observation, experience and introspection, artfully drawing the reader deeper and deeper into their own psyche.” – James Fadiman, PhD, psychedelic researcher and author of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic and Sacred Journeys

“I stayed up all night to read Stan Grof’s magnificent magnum opus. More than any person I can think of Stan Grof has pioneered our understanding of inner reality and its relationship to the experience of so-called outer reality over the last 60 years.” – Deepak Chopra, MD, founder of the Chopra Center for Wellb eing, founder of the Chopra Foundation, and pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation.