With the eyes closed and lying on a mat, each person uses their own breath and the music in the room to enter an expanded state of awareness.

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December 2-5, 2021

New Date: Online / Spiritual Emergency: Embracing Unexpected Transformation

A GTT Virtual Module with DIANA MEDINA

Online by Zoom, Mountain Daylight Time


Janet Kingsley, GTT Office Manager:  gtt@holotropic.com
Phone 415 383-8779

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December 6-17, 2021

Certification Closing Intensive in Europe

Twelve-day closing certification retreat.

Zurndorf, AUSTRIA

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Contact: info@holotropic-association.eu


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December 16-19, 2021

Holotropic Breathwork® Double-Breathwork Weekend Workshop

Double HB workshop with Mojca Studen.  Meets the requirement to complete one GTT Virtual Module.

Preddvor, SLOVENIA


Mojca Studen

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The most important pieces that I carry with me is the reminder of connection to the whole, the confirmation that the'inner healer' is a reliable guide for all of us and the awareness that support is always available if I ask for it.
Jane, Ontario
I just had the most incredible and healing experience last week at Cosmic Game Module. Thank you so much.
P.D., Texas


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