GTT International Poland / In the Heart of Breathwork: A Facilitator Journey

August 26-31, 2024

A GTT module with SITARA BLASCO, Juanjo Segura, Marc Aixalà, Tomek Kwieciński, Rachela Dobrzańska

Galiny, Gmina Bartoszyce, POLAND

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This module offers a focused exploration of Holotropic Breathwork facilitation, which is also relevant for accompanying and supporting journeys in other modalities of Expanded States of Consciousness.

Drawing from over two decades of personal experience as a facilitator, Sitara invites participants to explore facilitation skills enriched by practical examples, reflective questions, firsthand anecdotes, and interactive discussions, embodying a journey of continuous learning.

In this module, you will deepen your insight into essential aspects and dynamics of facilitation, such as meaningful interactions, presence, self-awareness, personal growth, and ethics, to improve your facilitation skills.

The module aims to boost facilitation skills for anyone keen on assisting others through transformative experiences, providing a grounded and insightful approach to facilitation.

Topics included:

1. The Journey of Growth: Becoming a facilitator, overcoming challenges, acknowledging mistakes, and using feedback and self-reflection.

2. Insights about the Practice: The importance of presence, support, transference, countertransference, and self-disclosure in HB

3. Integrity and Ethical Considerations.

4. Navigating the Inner Landscape: Strategies for managing difficult situations and triggers as opportunities for growth.

5. The Shared Journey: being a fellow traveler, a connection with the breather that allows mutual growth.

6. Teamwork: The inescapable significance of teamwork in creating safe and effective facilitation.

During the six-day workshop, each participant will experience two sessions of HB as an experiencer, or “breather,” and two sessions as a partner, or “sitter.”

In addition to the breathwork experiences and the topics covered (described above), the workshop will include art, music, dancing, film, and integration.

You do not need previous Holotropic Breathwork experience to participate in the module. A brief confidential questionnaire is required.