Janet Kingsley

Janet Kingsley (administration) first visited the Holotropic Breathwork mat in 2010. It was love at first journey and not quite one year later she was flying off to her first training module in Taos, NM. She embraces the Holotropic model in her every day life and takes her place on the mat often. Janet has apprenticed many breathwork workshops and will find herself on the Certification floor in July of 2017. The Pacific Northwest is Janet’s adopted home turf. Born and raised in Minnesota, she moved her and her daughter to Washington in 1994. She has been a licensed massage practitioner since 2007 and specializes in Clinical Visceral Massage Therapy. In 2015 she began working with GTT as the registrar for modules and workshops. Gardening, cooking, reading, hiking and hanging out with her singer/songwriter friends fill Janet’s time when she is not busy in her roles as registrar or massage practitioner. .