GTT U.S. (MA) Holotropic Breathwork® Double-Breathwork Retreat at Kripalu Center

November 3-6, 2024

A GTT Holotropic Breathwork® workshop/retreat with Christine Calvert, Jeffrey Warren and Yulia Meshoyrer

Stockbridge, Massachusetts, US

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Email Janet Kingsley, GTT Office Manager:
Phone 415 383-8779


Join us for three days of Holotropic Breathwork® at the Kripalu campus, nestled in the breathtaking Berkshire mountains. In addition to the workshop, you have access to Kripalu’s yoga class the first day of arrival, and on your last day before departure. You are also welcome to add an additional integration day to your stay which will include access to all of Kripalu’s offerings of yoga, meditation, etc.

This event is open to all.  You do not need prior experience with Holotropic Breathwork® and there are no pre-requisites to attend.

NOTE: For those who complete (or have already completed) a GTT Virtual Module, this double-breathwork will fulfill the requirement toward certification.

With Holotropic Breathwork® each participant gains direct access to their own inner healing wisdom. In your HB session, this wisdom brings you a unique and ideal combination of experiences that can include aspects of your personal history and birth, as well as psychological death/rebirth, and an infinite array of transpersonal experiences.

Through deep, effective breathing; a specially designed musical journey; and a safe and supportive setting with a trained staff of facilitators, you experience a true expanded state of awareness, allowing deep self-exploration and personal transformation. Mandala drawing and group processing of the experiences are important integrative elements of the Holotropic process.