Australia in-person module / Celtic Shamanism – The Cauldron of Inspiration

July 4-9, 2021

A GTT Module with Cáit Branigan (by video) and Vicky Nicholson and GTT Australia

Tasmania, Australia


GTT Australia, email Vicky Nicholson
phone 61 0400 848970

This module focuses on the gift of ‘Imbas’, the Irish concept of Inspiration, and teaches the basic techniques of indigenous shamanic practices of the Irish/Celtic traditions. 

The Cauldron of Inspiration, for the purposes of this workshop, represents the world within, the spiritual repository of vision, enlightenment and inspiration, which we draw on for spiritual nourishment. It thus becomes the source of the Weaving of our life pattern through daily ritual, creativity (such as art, sounds dance etc. ) and the day to day unfolding of the self.

During the workshop, participants will explore Shamanism as a spiritual practice and the role of the Immrama  (wonder voyage) within that context. We will explore the Great ‘Bile’ Tree; the Far Seeing Eye and the use of song/musical in ancient practice. It is hoped that participants will leave holding within, the ability to use shamanic techniques to help access and express their own sources of Inspiration for use in living creatively, along with an insight into the traditions of the Irish/Celtic druidic schools.


Single Accommodation:  $1900 AUD; $1060 USD
Single Accommodation backpacker:  $1450 AUD; $835 USD
Twin/Double Accommodation:  $1575 AUD; $952 USD
Shared Accommodation backpacker:  $1300 AUD; $743 USD
POA for Mountain Cabin for prearranged group of 2 to 4 participants.  This option carries an alternate rate and is payable by AUD bank transfer.