GTT Australia in-person module – Deepening into Samhain with Cáit Branigan

March 26-31, 2023

A GTT module with CÁIT BRANIGAN and VICKY NICHOLSON and GTT Australia

Tasmania, Australia


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During this module, you will experience four Holotropic Breathwork®, two as a “breather” and two as a partner, or “sitter.”

The season of Samhain, and the festival which marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year, is one of four important festivals in Irish tradition: Imbolc (Spring); Bealtaine (Summer); Lughnasadh (Autumn) and Samhain (Winter).

The word Samhain means ‘Summer’s end’ and is seen as important in all Celtic calendars. Samhain is the beginning of the dark season and is greatly associated with the dead (ancestors) and the Otherworld. The Irish, in common with many indigenous cultures, placed great importance on their dead ancestors and this was reflected in their customs and beliefs.
At Samhain, focus was placed on the telling of our ancient myths and legends; storytelling and the telling of anecdotes; fireside craft; study and learning. Samhain Eve was a time of setting out on voyages to the Otherworld and the blurring of customs through mask-wearing and cross-dressing. In ancient times, the fires were put out in the home and relit from the sacred fire on the Hill of Tlachtga.
In this workshop, we will prepare for the coming of Winter, exploring our ancestral stories and the evolution of familial and cultural traditions. Through shamanic journeys, creativity, sound and movement, we will explore the fears we carry societally and individually, represented by the masks we wear at Halloween.