The Art and Practice of Integration

October 23 - 28, 2018

Holotropic Breathwork module with MIREYA ALEJO MARCET & GTT staff

Joshua Tree, California, USA

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In this retreat, we will experientially inhabit and exemplify the theme of integration through the vehicles of expressive arts, altar and sacred space creation, time in nature, context setting through Holotropic theory, slowing down and contemplation. We will also have time in community and for discussion.

“INTEGRATION” is a vital component of Holotropic Breathwork practice, as well as any other work in expanded states of consciousness. We are often reminded that preparation, session & integration are all necessary components of any complete transformational experience. Exploration with Holotropic states has impact on the totality of our being and our lives on physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual levels. Giving attention to INTEGRATION offers the potential to enrich our life experience by allowing us to digest, embody and apply to our daily lives the insights and lessons learned while doing in-depth exploratory work. We will create a safe, supportive, sacred, contemplative, and playful container, that will invite spaciousness for absorbing, being with, and processing what occurs before, during and after Holotropic sessions. The week will be highly experiential and offers valuable tools to support the integration of your personal Holotropic practice. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for facilitators and any seekers, and offers exciting, creative ways to support groups and individuals through the integration process. In addition, there will be four Holotropic Breathwork sessions, two as a ‘breather’ and two as a ‘sitter’, along with valuable time for group sharing.

No previous artistic or creative experience for this module, all are welcome!

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Feedback from previous participants of this event:

“I am so glad I did it as part of my training, as I feel I gained tremendously from it.  I understand the benefits of paying attention to integration in ways I would never have gotten otherwise.”

“I’ve not had a comfortable history with ‘creativity’ & ‘arts’. Mireya presented them as tools of integration in a very holotropic way, creating comfortable & safe set & settings, and gently guiding us through each practice. It was really beautiful and treated much like the breathwork itself, so that for me I could trust that it was all unfolding as I needed and I could appreciate the uniqueness & expression of each of us in the group. I left feeling I could do another week of exploring the practices even more deeply, and I realized how valuable the practice of integration could be rather than the theory of it.”

“In the past I might have said that integrative practices were kind of common sense and I could list any number of them. But something about the way Mireya taught the module really deepened my relationship to the work and opened me to new ways of integrating it.  Many others in the group shared that they also had been stretched in ways they did not anticipate and the very modalities they had been self-conscious about in the past, were about to become a mainstay in their practices of integration.  So…not only a furthering/integrating of their personal growth as the result of the module, but for those who go on to facilitate, it will translate to their participants as well.”