Tomek Kwieciński

Tomek Kwieciński (organizer GTT Poland; module facilitator) In love with transpersonal psychology and Holotropic Breathwork® from the first moment, Tomek graduated from Grof Transpersonal Training in 2015 and founded Holotropic Poland. He has conducted workshops and facilitated breathing sessions in 13 European countries as well as in the USA and Colombia.

Tomek is in the middle of a four year behavioral psychotherapy program in Poland. He  finished Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger International School’s Transgenerational Therapy in 2022 and has completed the course “Ketamine and Trauma Treatment.”  Tomek co-works with Ketamine Clinic in Warsaw, facilitating and integrating sessions with clients with depression and PTSD.  With the “Psychoactive Clinic,” he works as a support for integrating psychedelic experiences. He facilitates individual sessions and retreats with psilocybin in the Netherlands.

He is author of the book Follow the Call: Therapeutic Experiences in Expanded States of Consciousness” and produces the podcast “Psychedelic Therapy” (both in Polish as of now).

Tomek has a life partner and is the father of two wonderful children. He is passionate about meditation, shamanism, art and nature.