Lila Pesa

Lila Pesa (module facilitator) is a qualified counsellor / transpersonal art therapist, based in Sydney, Australia.

Lila completed her GTT certification in 2009, worked as an apprentice and, later, as part of GTT team on training modules in Australia, UK, Switzerland, and the US; she works on staff in the Australian modules since 2013.

Lila started participating in Holotropic Breathwork, experiential therapies and meditation practices in the early 1990s in her native Russia, to support her search for healing and transformation as well as her interest in discovering a true Path and life’s purpose.

With a background in applied science, Lila migrated to Australia and trained in counselling and psychotherapy. She works as a counsellor in a non-government agency, supporting people affected by viral hepatitis, HIV, and related challenges, and maintains her counselling / art therapy practice (Centre for Expressive and Transpersonal Therapies) in Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

Lila collaborates with other facilitators in offering Holotropic Breathwork workshops and weekend retreats in Sydney area.

Lila is deeply passionate about conscious parenting and her role as a mother to her young son; she is a devoted auntie to her many nieces. Lila is committed to her own inner work and to creating safe and nurturing environment for seekers that choose her to ‘hold space’ for them in Holotropic Breathwork or therapy.