Cindy Pickreign

Cindy Pickreign, M.S., M.A. (module facilitator) was born in Upstate NY and raised in Western MA, but has lived her entire adult life in the Pacific Northwest. With a Masters in Computer Science and 25 years in corporate IT, she came to Holotropic Breathwork® quite skeptical but also in great psychological pain. Her breathwork journey has been, at times, truly terrifying – at times, ecstatically joyful – and ultimately, profoundly healing and life changing. Heading back to school at Seattle U, School of Theology and Ministry she earned a M.A. in Transformational Leadership and came to understand that Holotropic Breathwork® was her ministry in this world.

Cindy is currently the President of Breathwork Northwest, a non-profit organization dedicated to Holotropic Breathwork® education and experience in the Pacific Northwest. In this role she regularly organizes and facilitates 1-day workshops, as well as 3-day residential retreats. Cindy has also been supporting all of GTT’s virtual modules since the onset of COVID-19.