Laura Prescott

Laura Prescott has been certified as a Holotropic Breathwork® facilitator since 2013 and is a licensed social worker in Arizona and Colorado. Laura’s teaching is informed by her own history of trauma that led to addiction, homelessness and a foray into the mental health system. The discovery of Holotropic Breathwork® completely changed her life. These experiences have deepened her commitment to ensuring others are provided safe places to heal and thrive. To that end, she has conducted human rights investigations and met with trauma survivors in psychiatric facilities, jails and prisons in over ten countries and thirty states in the US. Over the last three decades, Laura has provided consultation to federal, state and international organizations concerned with developing person-centered, trauma-informed approaches to policy and practice in mental health, substance abuse and correctional systems. Most recently, she has had the opportunity to provide individual therapy, outreach, housing and support for homeless Veterans from the Hopi Nation during the pandemic. Laura is interested in non-medical, cultural-specific, indigenous approaches to recovery, the healing possibilities offered by psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, body-oriented and expressive therapies. She currently lives in a small, rural farming community in southern Colorado where she spends time taking photographs that capture the ever-changing light and seasons.