Cole Chance

Cole Chance (guest teacher, organizer) is an addiction recovery educator and trauma-informed yoga teacher currently based in Australia.While she teaches in many capacities – from international retreats, teacher trainings and festivals, to rehabs and prisons – her flow, passion, and most fluent language is in supporting humans who also know the narrow halls of addiction to emerge into a thriving life beyond.

She is the founder and head facilitator of both EMERGE Recovery, a holistic addiction and recovery psycho-education program as well as The Mindfulish School, a yoga teacher training school.

Cole believes in utilizing curiosity, both mental and somatic, to peel back and befriend our many layers.  Her teachings are woven with yogic and Buddhist philosophy, neuroscience, modern psychology all on a bedrock of compassionate self-inquiry.  She is deeply grateful to the potency that Holotropic Breathwork has brought to her life and is excited to be diving deeper into its wisdom through the facilitator training.