Juanjo Segura

Juanjo Segura (Director of GTT Spain; advisor) was born in Madrid, Spain. In 1995 moved to Alicante where he has a private psychotherapy practice. For many years Juanjo was involved in the field of telecommunications, where he was trained in business management. As he decided to change his profession, he fulfilled his wish to become therapist, taking training in Integrative Psychotherapy and Claudio Naranjo SAT program with the Enneagram. Juanjo has also been working for several years with people in substance addiction rehabilitation programs. Very involved in zen meditation, he has taken the breathwork also to meditation groups. His background includes training in body-oriented techniques, martial arts and shamanism.

Juanjo is certified as facilitator in Holotropic Breathwork and has been organizing and leading numerous workshops in Spain and France in the last years. He has also worked on staff at international GTT training modules in Mexico, Spain and Ireland. Since 2003 is the organizer (with Sitara Blasco) of the Spanish GTT program, passionate about creating a structure of training and workshops that allows HB to become well known and available for trainees and for people in their path of self-discovery.

Lately, Juanjo travels to the Peruvian forest for retreats with healing master plants. Since he was a child, Juanjo has been fascinated by nature and the animal world, with special interest in insects, amphibious and reptiles. Lately has expanded his interest to bird photography.