New Earth Tarot (deck and book set)

Kate Silver and Charlene Delong


Set includes deck and book: NEW EARTH TAROT HANDBOOK
packaged in a compact box

360 page full color book 2016
by Kate Silver
with preface by Stan Grof
and forward by Ralph Metzner

78 card deck created by Kate Silver and Charlene Delong

“A special tarot deck is like a precious friend, something to be treasured and celebrated. For me, Kate Silver’s “New Earth Tarot” deck (co-created with Charlene Delong) is such a deck. The delightful images and Kate’s rich, helpful Handbook commentary clearly comes from a woman with a wise heart who has integrated all of the best forms of knowledge and awareness that are available to the modern seeker. This wisdom is offered in a form that has moved beyond the limitations of more traditional decks and comes like a breath of fresh air sent directly from the High Priestess herself.” – Matthew Stelzner, professional astrologer.

Book and deck ~ $39.95

Book ~ $18.95

Deck ~ $24.95