Appointment with Cary Sparks

A one-hour personal conversation or training consultation with Cary Sparks, GTT Director, by Zoom or Skype

Cary Sparks has been supporting people in the course of their inner journeys for over 35 years. She is committed to holding space for those going through personal transformation of all sorts.  In particular, she is passionate about sharing the “experience, strength, and hope” she gained in supporting her beloved husband as he navigated his memory loss, and later with his end-of-life journey. She welcomes the opportunity to connect with anyone facing their own or loved ones’ illness or dementia, and to share her experience with a partner who courageously chose a death with dignity.

Steps for setting up your consultation:
1. Schedule your appointment using the button to the left
2. The cost of your 60 minute appointment is $95.  You will receive an email with link options to pay for your session.
3. You will receive separate emails confirming your appointment, payment information, and, closer to the appointment, a Zoom invitation.