Wide Open Door: The Twelve Steps, Spiritual Tradition, and the New Psychology

Tav Sparks


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Tav Sparks talks about The Wide Open Door

“There is so far no work that bridges traditional recovery and the transpersonal perspective. There is nothing that introduces one to the other, or translates the language of each into the metaphor of the other, so that both become understandable to seekers interested in their synergistic possibilities.

It has long been my belief that these new observations in science, psychology, and spirituality are the pathways to enlarging our understanding of the true power and depth of Twelve Step practice. But thus far there has been no framework, no language, method, and structure to bring these disciplines together. Therefore, toward that end, I have written The Wide Open Door. First and foremost, it is an effort to validate and support those recovery seekers who feel that there really may be “something more” for them than what they have previously discovered about recovery. I have tried to write it in such a way that those seekers unfamiliar with this new perspective will be able to relate to it without much difficulty.”