Newsletters / Blog posts

Dear Holotropic Friends,

We want to make available to you some of our more noteworthy past newsletters that may be of continued interest to those who participate in Holotropic Breathwork® events and other seekers.  Please use the links below to access these posts.

Cary Sparks and the GTT team

April 2024 On acceptance, compassion, empathy, and humility

February 2024 Recent developments in our collective awareness of consciousness and the inner journey.

January 2024 Book Review: Cathedral of the Wild by Boyd Varty

October 2023 A short history of the January Bay Area workshop

May 2023 Resources related to The Spiritual Quest, Attachment & Addiction

April 2023 Byron Metcalf’s music for HB and other expanded states of consciousness

May 2022 Why HB is the gold standard of training in expanded states of consciousness

January 2021 Reflections on 2020; much was lost and a few things gained…

August 2020 In Memory of Tav Sparks

June 2020 Music from Byron Metcalf and a book by Erwin Laszlo

May 2020 GTT moving forward and the separation from GLT

April 2020 Resources in a challenging time

January 2020 Welcoming 2020 with a classic photo and a poem

September 2019 Article – Holotropic Breathwork® at the Intersection of Meditation and Psychedelic Substances

June 2019 Holotropic Breathwork® and Grof Transpersonal Training around the world