There is nothing quite like breathwork for facilitating an encounter with the self and promoting growth and for me it is coming back to life
John, Tasmania
I have found that I am in a continuing state of ease and joyfulness, and that remaining present has been much easier for me after this retreat than it ever has been before. Great work facilitators — you are all beautiful in very different ways, and together formed a unified synergy of elements that worked wonderfully to steer our ship over mountains of infinite healing
Andrew / Buffalo, NY
The entire experience from registration to final integration and the send-off lunch was timed and flowed exquisitely. RW ranch was a beautiful venue that really allowed for a thoughtful encounter of the deepest parts of one's psyche; all distractions of the cityscape removed and being able to float around with other like minded folk.
Ninaki, Ventura County
Well run, amazing facilitators;, attention to container and safety and participant well-being is top notch.
Participant, Feb 2024
My experience was profound and is positively effecting the way that I see the world around me. Thank you!
I've explored many emotional healing modalities - the GTT modules themselves, the teachers, faciliators and the openness and transparency of the participants is beyond anything I've encountered. The serendipity the two modules have created in my life continues to have a powerful impact on my life well beyond the modules themselves.
Participant, Vessels of Soul's Wisdom 2023
Each GTT module I attend I meet myself a little deeper and more fuller. The space provided over the course of a module to be my unapologetically full unfolding self, is such a gift.
Sam, Kansas City, MO
Very impressed with the knowledge, competency, and integrity of the facilitators. All were very trust inspiring.
Anonymous participant, Colorado module 202
The authenticity of the Trainers invited a peer group to safely connect, share and explore their own experience in a supportive environment.
Anonymous, Tasmania, Australia
I loved the community, the sitting and breathwork. I loved getting to hear people's experiences after breathing. I felt a huge positive shift in myself after the workshop - A clearer mind and body.
Carolyn, San Francisco
The workshop is a financially accessible opportunity for people to explore NSC. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in self development and exploration. The setting that was created was phenomenal. I am not an easy sell and I immediately felt held and intrigued. Participant, San Rafael weekend workshop
The educational impact of the module combined with the tremendous knowledge and openness of the presenters (as well as most participants) makes this work outstanding - I was involved with Zen for many years and delved into Landmark coursework also - nothing holds a candle to this work so far.
The depth of the connection that was formed between participants in a two day time span was absolutely amazing - beyond anything I’d experienced previously. The presenters are some of the kindest, most nurturing people I’ve encountered.
Katherine, CA
I found the breathwork - and more specifically the community that formed, the space that was held and how it was held for us, and of course the breathwork itself- to be transformative in ways that doing psychedelic journeys or any other transpersonal modality have not been for me.
Heather, Austin, TX
I like that GTT is not commercialized, and seems to have intentions of healing and training. The staff are super accessible. I'd love to get trained and intend to sign up for more.
Tiki, CO, USA
It was not what I expected in the best way. The facilitators were so professional and kind. I think that is what made it so great.
Kara, Boston
Everything about the event was wonderful! It was structured and planned out in such a way that everything felt supportive and safe. The venue was such a peaceful and relaxing environment. I was very comfortable and able to let go of my inhibitions. Keep up the good work. You’re truly making the world a better place.
Shawn, Nebraska
These events are run very well and foster community.
Deep, deep appreciation for the professionalism, compassion, patience and dedication of all of the fascilitatators. This experience far exceeded any expectation I might have had. I am abundantly grateful!
San Diego, CA
It's a spiritual practice, an important way for me to slow down, have the opportunity to give time & space & shared support to open up more deeply to my inner life as well as others for theirs', and have a chance to share & learn with others (i.e. caring community), most often in settings that provide access to be in nature (which is healing in itself).
El Cajon, California
Facilitators were all amazing and create a complete team with their different gifts.
Kim, Loudon TN
I had some powerful breathwork and a really really good experience of community. Love everyone there!
Anna, Bay Area
Well the Breathwork alone is worth the event and the container and opportunity for healing unparalleled. Facilitators are dedicated and give 1000%.
New York
I have thoroughly enjoyed the virtual modules I have participated in and gained insightful learnings.
Clodagh, London
Besides from really hoping we soon can do all of this offline again I wouldn't change anything.
Sophie, Vienna
Oh yes. GTT virtual is meeting a very deep need for connection with a spiritually inclined community. I feel safe, heard and the material has been very interesting and helpful for the 2 modules I have attended thus far. I'd recommend to anyone I love that would understand the importance of deeply engaging with one's own unconscious to bring forth consciousness. Awesome. I love being at home when we come out of a meditation. The food isn't as good as the cooks in Taos, but ... alas!
Virtual Module participant
(I most appreciated). Cait’s delightful presence, wealth of experience, sustained focus, quiet authority and clarity of delivery - the sense of being in the safest of hands, with ancient mysteries de-mystified and made accessible and relevant for us in the 21st century.
Laurie, UK
I am fortunate to take part in these 2 Modules. The knowledge and the experience of connectedness with people of different part of the world was amazing. It was a pleasure to listen to Diane and Monica. They created the space for us to be what we are and to feel at home. I felt the vibration of the connectedness. I cherish this experience. Thank you so much for every things.
Anonymous, Sri Lanka
Technology did not prevent the community from happening. The didactic had so much spiritual essence that it penetrated technology and reached into our hearts, soul and spirit.
DiVina, Jacksonville, FL
Modules have always been conducted with the utmost integrity for the work, with impeccable presence and organization.
Anonymous participant
I have attended five or six modules over the last few years and they have all been extraordinary in their content, their experiential component, their application and practicality. Every teacher is amazing and "knows their stuff". I have found that the holotropic community is incredibly unusual in its capacity to become real and vulnerable almost immediately. I had my doubts that this could happen virtually, but it did and it was beautiful!
Barbara, California
I treasure this Holotropic Breathwork program. added to that these Modules are more helpful, for the journey towards wholeness. So I prefer many people experience this wholeness in life, which is the purpose of every human being. So I will recommend many others too to follow these Modules.
Training participant, Sri Lanka
It was a surprise to feel such a warm sense of community on the internet during the virtual Holotropic Paradigm module. I truly thought it would be grueling to be on zoom for so many days and was pleasantly surprised that I experienced the exact opposite. Now that it is over I miss the community feeling and the shared wisdom. I’ve been on many zoom events during this unprecedented time yet this holotropic module uniquely stands out in content and communion. I’m looking forward to my next one.
Carol, Pacific Palisades, CA
I participated in the Movie Yoga® training and I feel as though it was close to a HBW experience. A community was formed with terrifically deep people in the journey. I am so glad that this was possible to do during this time of deep uncertainty. It was a very safe space. Diana provided that but being with facilitators added so much to that feeling.
There is nothing to better than holotropic breathwork for a deep dive into the subconscious and beyond. For those I judge as receptive to the concept and of sufficient maturity to benefit from the process I have no hesitation in recommending the GTT modules.
Andrew, Victoria, Australia
The level of integrity, care and compassion of facilitators is exceptional.
Tara, Australia
I speak highly of Holotropic BW wherever there is an opportunity. It provides a safe environment to do the deepest inner work I experience.
Christine, Hobart, Tasmania
Such a safe team, and so could really go into the journey, and great support at some difficult times. Creative, deep, well structured, safe, encouraging, healing and expanding. Being with a bunch of fellow travellers all taking risks and sharing openly. Wanting to do more modules now, this was my first.
Anonymous, UK
The support was second to none. Would change nothing.
(Would recommend )for the amazing healing potential and the overall experience and sense of unity and connection with other components of the group and the gradual sense of belonging and sense of well being
I got a lot from the week. I felt the group was very well held, and the quality of the facilitation, including the didactic components, was very high. Thank you. Opening up to non-ordinary states of consciousness requires a safe set and setting. All GTT modules I have attended have offered this. The quality of the teaching is high, and the facilitators are very sensitive to individual and group process. Both give a good sense of holding. Facilitators are always available for additional support and help with integration. They make sure everyone is properly 'back' before they return home.
Jeannet, Cambridge, UK
Incredibly well held space and extremely nourishing environment on all levels!. Since my experience I have already suggested this work to clients I work with in therapy as I feel it can really support their life journey in visceral ways.
Maria, Brighton UK
it was one of the most intense self healing processes and I recommend breathwork to all who are working in social/medical field as a perfect way of selfcare.
Luzia, Austria
In my history of holotropic experience since 1997 it remains a corner stone in my personal developement, my life as a therapist - it became a space of hope and joy for our world, our being, our consciousness, of very holistic health. A space with incredible people creating a beautyfull experience of conectedness - "imagine I'm a dreamer - but I'm not the only one... " (Most enjoyed) the experience of the most alert, awake, heartfull humans, curragious in being authentic and sensitive. The laughter and the forest.
Ruth - Switzerland
I enjoyed the feeling of being together with other people on the same wave, l enjoyed listening to stories of others, sharing and I enjoyed the presentations very much too.
Lucia, Slovakia
First, Taos was SO great! There were only 43 participants and 8 facilitators – Wow. The Jung presentations of material by Monika Wikman were not only enlightening, but also so personal and engaging, my partner and I both loved the learning part and are exploring Jung’s work further on our own. You were correct – Austing Haus, next door to the Columbine Inn, was revamped and our room was comfy and just right for a weeks’ stay. I have to tell you the food was amazing, healthy, fresh and mostly gluten free. I am allergic to wheat so I always bring my own food, knowing it’s virtually impossible to eat wheat-free food at big events, but Lenore was beyond fantastic. Diane was such a warm, caring presence for us all and there are just too many good things to say about the fellowship, support, community, organization, preparedness, diversity and the whole experience in Taos. Suffice it to say, I loved it and had two amazing breathwork experiences to boot.
Dawn, Sausalito, California
Attending a GTT module has always been a great and profound experience, in a very safe environment, with caring and very professional people, that is why I would recommend it to others!
Stephanie, St Martin, French West Indies
The best training to be a human being is to be a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator.
Mary, Texas
The week was fabulous in every way, food, breathing, teaching, saunas, location, and connections. One of the best workshop experiences I have had.
Richard, USA
‘…all the experiences during the week made a great impression on me. And once back home I can feel that there has been a shift inside of me. I feel more trust then I have ever felt in my whole life I think...'
The most important pieces that I carry with me is the reminder of connection to the whole, the confirmation that the'inner healer' is a reliable guide for all of us and the awareness that support is always available if I ask for it.
Jane, Ontario
Thank you my dear friends,for all your love and service. You're examples of really being there for people are inspiring,and makes me want to live from my heart.
Thomas, Maryland
The workshop was profoundly transformative for me, I am forever grateful for the experiences and for the new found knowledge, strength, and wisdom. Thank you.
I want you know that the San Fran event was the best and the whole group that does the work is more than outstanding. The love and effort is beyond excellant. Thank you.
These two weeks were amazing. Thank you all for doing this work.
Janice, CA
The workshop was wonderful and I definitely will come back to one of the next modules.
Daniel, Germany
One week back from the UK.. Another week, another experience as a human being..another life.. Pffff WOW.... What an experience.. What a training, what a staff..
Joost, Netherlands
Holotropic breathwork helped me a lot. I'm so glad this method exists and is available
Valentina, Russia
I spent the past weekend at the holotropic breathwork presentation in Houston. It was the most incredible experience that will stay with me forever.
LW, Texastes
Many blessings for all the work you do,
Jacqueline, Texas
Thank you! The workshop was a wonder, not at all what I expected which is good, and the reverberations continue!
I just had the most incredible and healing experience last week at Cosmic Game Module. Thank you so much.
P.D., Texas
One more exquisite module is behind me, and I’m still integrating those new experiences and acknowledgements… I have to tell you that this practice as well as the overall experience really felt for me like coming home, and my friends & colleagues who came with me this time find it beautiful and transformative for them also.
Irena, Croatia
I would like to say many thanks to you and to your staff for organizing the workshop in San Francisco two weeks ago. It was my first journey to the US, and my first breathwork experience as well. Thus I was a bit nervous. However, from the very first moment I met people coming to the workshop, I found myself at the right place, with the right people, and in so loving and harmonious atmosphere.
Eva, Czech Republic
the self-exploration wknd was excellent and totally well organized. my facilitators were wonderful. loved it! Thanks.
The training was -- and will be for years to come -- a live-changing experience for me. It's impossible for me to express the depth of my respect and gratitude for the work you do.
Pam, Houston, TX
May workshop in Menla was beyond what I expected. Wonderful people I met, and facilitators and Dr. Groff. It was truely life altering experience… I can not wait for the next opportunity!!
Kaori, Redmond, WA
I have just attended the workshops "In the Arms of the Dragon” and “The Power Within" at Bicheno in Tasmania. As usual it was awesome and I learnt and experienced so much for my benefit.
Wendy, Tasmania, Australia
First I want to express my thanks for what you have created with GTT. I am still processing everything from last week, but even at this stage I can see how important this work is and will be in my development - thank you for making this possible.
Aimee, Washington DC
I just wanted to say again what an amazing experience last week's module was for me, and what an honor it was to work with and learn from you.
Ronald, Seattle, WA
I am so grateful for HB. Although I have many certifications, and use other psychological, physical and spiritual modalities in my work, as well, there is nothing like Holotropic Breathwork…. I am so happy and grateful that this work is continuing to spread. My heart overflows with love and gratitude for Stan and all of you who are dedicated to teaching and supporting this trend.
Joan, Maui, HI
I had a life changing time at the Holotropic Breathwork weekend! It was an amazing experience, being both a sitter and a breather! During my breathwork, I had a past life memory that offered me profound insight into what is going on in my life today. Holotropic Breathwork is an incredible tool for the personal growth, spirituality, and psychology movements.
Christina, Madison, WI
I just wanted to say Thank You again for the opportunity to attend the workshop. It was a profound experience and a tremendous blessing! I hope to do more of this work in the near future as divinely timed as that weekend was!
Dan, Big Sur, CA

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