Nienke Merbis

Nienke Merbis (module staff emeritus) has completed courses in transpersonal psychology and shamanism in Canada. Moreover, she is a certified yoga teacher. She began her training in Holotropic Breathwork in the United States in 1994 and certified in 1997. Whe was instrumental in creating and facilitating at workshops in Ireland. For over ten years, she has been on the staff of the Grof Transpersonal Training Institute and has facilitated at trainings in Italy, Spain, Denmark and Ireland. She also assisted at GTT workshops in Portugal, Switzerland, England and Austria.

Nienke was born and raised in Holland. She went to work in Indonesia where she met her Dutch husband. They have lived with their two sons in many different countries around the world, adapting to and learning from new cultures every few years.

Nienke is deeply committed to an inner journey, seeking to find and be able to use her potentials. She feels fortunate to have found Holotropic Breathwork™ as a way to give expression to herself and to support others on their journeys. She is equally fascinated employing different forms of art as a way to explore and express the mystery of life.

Nienke and her husband recently moved to Canada from Ireland, and they also spend time in Holland, living near one son and his partner and visiting the other. She enjoys her books, her music, her garden, her art and, above all, the playfulness of their two little granddaughters in Amsterdam.