Michael Stone

Michael Stone (module facilitator) is a Los Angeles-based certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator who was originally educated in the sciences and business. He originally was an employee in a large international pharmaceutical company and spent many years moving “up the ladder” which took him first to the East Coast and then to Corporate Headquarters in Paris. Despite his outward success in this hierarchical corporate structure, he felt that his creativity was being stifled and that his internal state was not being fulfilled. So he followed his intuitive notion and stepped into the unknown. He quit his job and moved back to Los Angeles to follow the dual path of creating his own business and also doing intense inner exploratory work. He has studied numerous spiritual practices which he has incorporated into his daily life. His studies into non-ordinary states of consciousness led him to Stan Grof and Holotropic Breathwork. Although he intended to use HB as a tool in his own healing work, this modality impacted him so profoundly, he decided to pursue facilitator training. In addition to organizing and facilitating HB workshops, he is a certified Massage Therapist, entrepeneur and business consultant.