UK Holotropic Breathwork® Double-Breathwork Weekend Workshop

March 16-19, 2023

A double-breathwork workshop with Mark Baugh and Nora McDonnell


Thirsk, UK

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Mark Baugh
+44 (0) 7828 752649

Join Mark Baugh from Caledonian Holotropic and GTT staff member Nora McDonnell  to surf your inner landscape in holotropic states of consciousness. The vehicle is your body – the technology is Holotropic Breathwork® – the fuel is your breath.

This double breathwork event is approved to complete Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT)  virtual module requirement for those on the facilitator training programme. It is open to anyone not on the training too. It includes preparation, session and integration. Each participant will breathe twice and sit twice.

The breathwork weekend:

  • Arrival at the venue from 4.30pm and by 5.30pm on Thursday for opening circle and breathwork preparation
  • Breathwork – one session on Friday morning and one in the afternoon and the same on Saturday
  • Integration starts with mandala drawing after each breathwork session
  • Sharing circle then free time on the 2nd evening and celebration dance on the final evening
  • Integration continues with a sharing circle on Sunday morning completing with lunch at 1pm.

Safety is priority and as part of that participants need to complete a medical form as part of the registration. There also needs to be a commitment to fully attend the whole event.

Registration and information