U.S. in-person module / The Holotropic Paradigm: The Psyche, The Inner Healer & Moving Towards Wholeness

June 28-July 4, 2022

A GTT module with VICKY NICHOLSON, Christine Calvert, and Kerry Marumoto

Loveland, Colorado USA

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Email Janet Kingsley, GTT Office Manager:  gtt@holotropic.com
Phone 415 383-8779

This module offers an exciting exploration of the philosophy, principles, and strategies underlying the experience and practice of Holotropic Breathwork®.

Topics covered include:

  1. the power of the Inner Healer and moving towards wholeness;
  2. presence: the disciplines required to become an effective Holotropic Breathwork® practitioner;
  3. COEX’s: how the Inner Healer orchestrates transformation through our experiences of the psyche;
  4. exploration of the frontiers of the psyche through Movie Yoga;
  5. session stories: valuable teachings from practitioners through their work with breathers;
  6. open forums focusing on every facet of the Holotropic experience;
  7. dance, medication, music journeys and nature celebration.

During the course of the six-day retreat, each participant will experience two sessions of HB as an experiencer, or “breather,” and two sessions as a partner, or “sitter”. Besides the breathwork experiences and the topics covered (described below), there will be art, music, dancing, film, and integration during the module.

Previous experience with Holotropic Breathwork® is not necessary.

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Cost per module* $1100 through May 31 / $1300 after May 31
Certified facilitators $950 early / $1150 full

*Sunrise Ranch is a new venue to us this year and your lodging and meal accommodations will be made directly through them, via a link in your confirmation email when you register for the module. Also new: modules at Sunrise Ranch will be for 6 nights instead of GTT’s usual 5, and modules will begin with a session after dinner on the first night.  Lodging & meal cost per module (6 nights) range from $456 to $1080