Sacred Geometry, Mandala, & Consciousness: New Frontiers of the Holotropic Paradigm

March 16-21, 2019

Holotropic Breathwork module with guest teacher GEOFF FITZPATRICK and VICKY NICHOLSON and GTT staff

Poatina Village, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

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Sacred Geometry is not only a valuable tool for activating deep inner experience, it is a language expressing the interconnectedness of reality. The same patterns of order continually occur at various levels of existence. For example, a simple everyday daisy displays beautiful five-fold geometry. Similarly, this very same pattern forms human DNA and even maps the orbit of Venus around our Earth.

When you meditate upon Sacred Geometric shapes and create Mandalas, you interact with this language. This process illuminates the patterns of the creative principle herself. These higher orders can be revealed through the shapes, invoking a deep experience of their transformative power.

Combining Mandalas with Holotropic Breathwork in the same workshop is a special kind of sacred marriage. The breath takes you inside of yourself, and connects you with your own personal higher ordering principle. This inner healing wisdom is imbued with similar qualities inherent in Sacred Geometry. They both express the archetype of wholeness.

As above, So below (Hermetic axiom)

In addition to Holotropic Breathwork, meditation, dance, ritual, and music journeys, you will:

  • Participate in the creation of a group sand mandala with the tools and techniques developed by Tibetan Buddhist monks
  • Embark upon the Threefold Mandala Process
  • Experience an active guided visualisation combining pattern, focus and breath, built upon sacred geometric archetypes and accompanied by music
  • discover a ‘Grand Pattern’ underlying all of existence, from the shape of our DNA to the movements of the planets and the form of the galaxy
  • Experience how sacred geometry can be harnessed to open a pathway between your everyday awareness and the deeper, hidden aspects of your being

“Regarding Sacred Geometry: You don’t have to understand the ‘geometry’ to experience the ‘sacred’ ”      — Geoff Fitzpatrick

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From past participants:
– Geoff is beautiful person, I like his approach and humor, his teaching is very fluent but also his answering to participants questions and comments, there is a lot of empowerment in his style. He reminds me of Tav (and I love him) :). – Martina, Croatia

amazing energy fields displayed – great insights, exceeded my expectations by far – very good caring and guiding. – Philip, Berlin

– This was one of my favorite modules. – Cielle, Iowa
– The mandala work was fascinating and very profound. – Jane, Ottawa

An article by Geoff on the benefits and beauty of mandala work can be found here: Exploring inside on the outside – my journey with Mandalas.

Geoff Fitzpatrick

Geoff Fitzpatrick B.A. has studied psychology in Trinity College Dublin, and is a Graduate of the Milltown Institute of Theology where he studied spiritual enrichment. He has an active interest in modern consciousness research. He has been constructing mandalas for 10 years and is driven to promote the transformative potential of these sacred circles.

“I have two great passions, one is the exploration of consciousness the other is the construction of mandalas. In effect these are two sides of the same coin. The first time I saw a mandala was about 25 years ago. A group of Tibetan Monks came to Trinity College Dublin. They spent a week creating a magnificent Kalachakra sand mandala. I was mesmerised by the experience, the colours, the shapes and the sound of the chak purs are as vivid in my memory today as they were all that time ago. It was eight years later in that very same university whilst studying psychology I came across mandalas for a second time. I studied the work of Carl Jung and Stanislav Grof both of whom saw the mandala as a powerful psychotherapeutic tool. The depths of the psyche that I touch when constructing mandalas are similar in tonality to those from breathwork. I have borrowed heavily from the map of consciousness drafted by Stan Grof to navigate my way through the experiences activated whilst constructing mandalas.

But the greatest teachers for me have been the shapes themselves – The geometric symbols that date
back into our prehistory and their origins dwell in the very fabric of what creates the universe itself. Nothing has exposed me to more mystery or opened me to greater depths of inner experience than working with these symbols. The sum total of my seeking, the knowledge gleaned from the courses, workshops of all kinds, powerful peak experiences and exposure to enlightened teachers can be distilled down to one very simple thing…….I believe there is a greater wisdom available to us at all times. The thing is, this higher wisdom is easier to experience than it is to explain.”