Holotropic Practicum: Boosting Your Facilitation Skills

August 17-22, 2020

GTT Holotropic Breathwork module with SITARA BLASCO & GTT staff

Sant Feliu de Guixols, Girona, SPAIN

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Information and registration: holotropica.org

Contact: info@holotropica.org

The aim of this new optional module is to deepen the experience of Holotropic facilitation in Expanded States of Consciousness (ESC).

It is based on the knowledge learned in “The Power Within” (Bodywork module) and its purpose is taking the skills of the facilitator to a higher level.

This module is open to anyone interested in Holotropic Breathwork, but is especially oriented towards those who are already facilitating or who intend to become HB facilitators in the future.

Topics in this module:

  • Learning the “language” of the processes
  • Significant differences in the intervention during the session and the closure
  • Understanding the curve and flow of experience
  • The process as the main thread of facilitation
  • Focused energy release work
  • The keys to intensification
  • Voice, words and silences
  • Specific exercises to improve the facilitation
  • “Leading” a process and facilitating as a team
  • Deepening in the challenges: dissociation experiences, severe trauma and abuse, demonic, deep 2nd matrix, choking, others.
  • The Inner Healer of the facilitator allies with the Inner Healer of the breather
  • Sharing the same field of experience: promises and pitfalls
  • Specific questions from participants