GTT U.S. (Colorado) Holotropic Breathwork® Double-Breathwork Retreat

June 30-July 3, 2023

A GTT Holotropic Breathwork® workshop/retreat with VICKY NICHOLSON, Kerry Marumoto, Sharanya Naik, and Padma Koch

Loveland, Colorado USA

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Phone 415 383-8779


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Join us for an extended weekend of Holotropic Breathwork® at  Sunrise Ranch Retreat Center, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.


This event is open to all.  You do not need prior experience with Holotropic Breathwork® and there are no pre-requisites to attend.

NOTE: For those who complete (or have already completed) any GTT Virtual Module, this double-breathwork will fulfill the requirement toward certification.

With Holotropic Breathwork® each participant gains direct access to their own inner healing wisdom. In your HB session, this wisdom brings you a unique and ideal combination of experiences that can include aspects of your personal history and birth, as well as psychological death/rebirth, and an infinite array of transpersonal experiences.

Through deep, effective breathing; a specially designed musical journey; and a safe and supportive setting with a trained staff of facilitators, you experience a true expanded state of awareness, allowing deep self-exploration and personal transformation. Mandala drawing and group processing of the experiences are important integrative elements of the Holotropic process.

Approximate daily schedule:

Friday, June 30, 3:30 registration; 4:30 opening circle; 6 pm dinner, followed by preparation for Holotropic Breathwork®
Saturday, July 1, morning: Holotropic Breathwork® session 1; afternoon Holotropic Breathwork® session 2; evening sharing group
Sunday, July 2, morning: Holotropic Breathwork® session 3; afternoon Holotropic Breathwork® session 4; evening sharing group
Monday, July 3, morning integration and closing; ending with lunch