GTT International Poland / Spiritual Emergency: Embracing Unexpected Transformation

May 13-18, 2024

A GTT module with MARC AIXALÀ, Tomek Kwieciński, Rachela Dobrzańska and GTT staff

Galiny, Gmina Bartoszyce, POLAND

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Healing and transformation can sometimes imply challenging moments in which we feel destabilized, particularly when following a path that involves experiences in Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness.
These moments of crises have been understood as psychosis or psychological regression by some and as opportunities and major breakthroughs by others. Stan and Christina Grof coined the term “Spiritual Emergency” to refer to such states. What is the difference between psychosis and a Spiritual Emergency? How should we support people going through them?
In this module, we will explore the different challenging manifestations that people sometimes go through in their journeys of transformation. We aim to understand the reasons that lead to such difficulties and identify the best approaches to support these intense processes from a non-judgmental and caring perspective.
In this module, we will cover the following topics:
1) The concept of Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Emergency.
2) The various types of Spiritual Emergencies as described by Stan and Christina Grof.
3) Contemporary perspectives on Spiritual Emergencies, as encountered in current forms of psychedelic therapy, shamanic experiences, and experiential work.
4) Diverse challenges that individuals may face after difficult experiences in Non-Ordinary States
5)Distinguishing between pathological and transformational states.
6) Approaches to addressing different scenarios in Spiritual Emergencies and integration
Participants will have two sessions of Holotropic Breathwork as a breather and two as a sitter. Sessions will be guided by the staff of Marc Aixalà, Sitara Blasco, Juanjo Segura, Jean Farrell, Nora McDonnell, Tomek Kwiecinski, Rachela Dobrzańska, Ania Pawlowska, Tina Meic and the rest of the facilitator’s team. There will be also time and tools for integrating the whole experience.
It is not necessary to have previous experience in Holotropic Breathwork, but you will need to complete a brief confidential questionnaire.


Early bird price for the GTT Module is € 890 payment – the latest 6 weeks before the module starts.
Regular price is € 990.
Non-refundable deposit is 240 euro.
In case of cancelling your attendance – you can use the rest of the full price in other GTT module in Poland or it can be send back to your account.
People coming from Poland, Ukraine and other low-income countries can contact us to have some discount.