GTT Poland in-person module / The Holotropic Paradigm: The Psyche, the Inner Healer & Moving Towards Wholeness

May 8-13, 2023

A GTT Module with SITARA BLASCO and GTT Poland staff

Galiny, POLAND

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Phone +48 506 736 620

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This module offers an exciting exploration of the philosophy, principles, and strategies underlying the experience and practice of Holotropic Breathwork®.

Topics included:

  1. Origin of Holotropic Breathwork.
  2. Holotropic Principles and Holotropic Strategy.
  3. The Inner Healer.
  4. Cartography.
  5. Perinatal Matrices.
  6. COEX Systems.
  7. Holotropic Lineage.
  8. Therapeutic mechanisms operating in Holotropic Breathwork.

During the course of the six-day workshop, each participant will have two sessions of HB as an experiencer, or “breather”, and two sessions as a partner, or “sitter”. Besides the breathwork experiences and the topics covered (described above), there will be art, music, dancing, film, and integration during the workshop.

This is one of the four mandatory modules to become a HB certified facilitator.

To participate in the module it is not necessary to have previous experience in Holotropic Breathwork. It is required to complete a brief confidential medical form. If you wish to continue with the Grof Transpersonal Training, this module is one of the four mandatory required.