GTT Austria Module / The Art of Healing Voice with Cáit Branigan

May 28-June 2, 2023

A GTT module with Cáit Branigan, Juanjo SeguraSonja Busch, Thomas Liska, and Peter Köllerer

Zurndorf, AUSTRIA

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Sound is one of the most important aspects of shamanic practice. The primal sound of the universe is to be heard in the stillness of meditation. Each aspect and being of the cosmos has its own sound, its own song, which may be heard by those who simply choose to listen. The use of the voice to heal, to express our innermost being and spirituality, is often neglected. Yet, the voice mirrors the soul and to sing is to touch the deepest parts of ourselves. The healing song is a very powerful tool which speaks directly to the soul of an individual, bypassing all other barriers or inhibitions.

In the course of this workshop, we shall explore the use of the voice in shamanic practice. We will use toning and keening techniques to access our inner worlds along with exploring the use of chant to heal and unblock our energetic bodies.