With the eyes closed and lying on a mat, each person uses their own breath and the music in the room to enter an expanded state of awareness.

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January 28-31, 2021

Online / Returning to Brigid’s Hearth: A Time of Rebirth and Re-Emergence

A GTT Virtual Module with CÁIT BRANIGAN

Online via Zoom


Please email Janet Kingsley, GTT office manager, janet@holotropic.com

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February 11-14, 2021

Online / Spirit of Place: Exploring Our Ensouled Relationship with Place & Belonging (Australia/Asia friendly time)

A GTT Virtual Module with VICKY NICHOLSON

ONLINE BY ZOOM, Australia Eastern Standard Time


Vicky Nicholson, Grof Transpersonal Training
Phone (+61) 0400848970
Email: vickynicholson@me.com

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February 18-21, 2021

Online / Spiritual Emergency: Embracing Unexpected Transformation

A GTT Virtual  Module with VICKY NICHOLSON

Online via Zoom


Email Janet Kingsley, GTT Office Manager:  janet@holotropic.com

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I would like to say many thanks to you and to your staff for organizing the workshop in San Francisco two weeks ago. It was my first journey to the US, and my first breathwork experience as well. Thus I was a bit nervous. However, from the very first moment I met people coming to the workshop, I found myself at the right place, with the right people, and in so loving and harmonious atmosphere.
Eva, Czech Republic
I got a lot from the week. I felt the group was very well held, and the quality of the facilitation, including the didactic components, was very high. Thank you. Opening up to non-ordinary states of consciousness requires a safe set and setting. All GTT modules I have attended have offered this. The quality of the teaching is high, and the facilitators are very sensitive to individual and group process. Both give a good sense of holding. Facilitators are always available for additional support and help with integration. They make sure everyone is properly 'back' before they return home.
Jeannet, Cambridge, UK



The Winds of Spirit

Byron Metcalf / Mark Seelig

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