With the eyes closed and lying on a mat, each person uses their own breath and the music in the room to enter an expanded state of awareness.

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July 14-27, 2019

Certification Closing Intensive

Two-week retreat with GTT TEACHERS & STAFF

Columbine Inn & Conference Center, Taos Ski Valley, NM USA

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Email: gtt@holotropic.com

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August 4-9, 2019

Music and Transcendence

Holotropic Breathwork module with VICKY NICHOLSON & GTT staff

Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico USA

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Contact: GTT office – ph 415-383-8779/fax 415-382-1073
Email:  gtt@holotropic.com     

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August 11-16, 2019

The Power Within: The Practice of Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork module with HOLLY HARMAN & GTT staff

Felden Lodge, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, ENGLAND

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Email: gtt@holotropic.com

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it was one of the most intense self healing processes and I recommend breathwork to all who are working in social/medical field as a perfect way of selfcare.
Luzia, Austria
I just wanted to say again what an amazing experience last week's module was for me, and what an honor it was to work with and learn from you.
Ronald, Seattle, WA



The Way of the Psychonaut, Volume 1

Stanislav Grof, MD, PhD
Cart link will be added when book is available. Meanwhile email workshop@holotropic.com to reserve a copy.
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