The Winds of Spirit

Byron Metcalf / Mark Seelig


Byron and Mark have gathered again to create a deeply meditative album inspired by their critically acclaimed 2019 release ‘Persistent Visions’. During the initial recording phase of ‘The Winds of Spirit’, an increasing intuition emerged for these long-time collaborators to penetrate even deeper into the dimensions of silence and space between the musical notes and each breath. Byron’s easy and steady percussive magic, holding space for Mark’s hauntingly mesmerizing exploration of Bansuri flutes, conveys a sense of the Winds of Spirit gently blowing through the flutes and the entire sonic landscape – in much the same way it does through our lives. The listener is invited into this arising metaphor – immersed in the flow of existence with a calm sense of trust that carries us home.

With additional musical support from Dashmesh and Paul Casper, ‘The Winds of Spirit’, provides heart-centered sonic support for extended meditation practices, massage and body work, entheogenic and empathogenic exploration.

Designed for continuous, uninterrupted listening.