Pathways to Wholeness: Archetypal Astrology and the Transpersonal Journey

Renn Butler


The exploration of the psyche in non-ordinary states of consciousness provides access to powerful transformative experiences that can lead us towards a more complete experience of being human (the realization of a deeper identity) while also yielding extraordinary insights into the ultimate nature of reality. In this book, Renn Butler explains how to use archetypal astrology as a guide to the transpersonal journey.


Described by Stanislav Grof as “the Rosetta Stone of consciousness research,” archetypal astrology is based on a correspondence between planetary alignments and archetypal patterns in human experience. Here, by drawing on the work of Grof and Richard Tarnas, Butler systematically describes the archetypal themes and qualities associated with each of the major planetary combinations studied in astrology and considers how these themes might manifest and be supported in deep psychological self-exploration.

Based on thirty years of research, Pathways to Wholeness is an indispensable reference book for explorers of the inner worlds.

Pathways to Wholeness:
– Explores the intersection between Grofian transpersonal psychology and archetypal astrology
– Describes the nature of the planetary archetypes in astrology
– Explores the archetypal meaning of all the main planetary combinations as applied to everyday life, perinatal psychology, and transpersonal experience
– Provides illuminating case studies and vignettes
– Illustrated with mandala drawings.