Spiritual Emergency: Embracing Unexpected Transformation

Date is approximate, to be determined

Holotropic Breathwork module

Southern INDIA


Contact: gtt@holotropicuk.co.uk

This training is offered primarily for residents of India.  Some spaces for overseas participants are available. 

Understanding spiritual emergency is one of the major contributions of the holotropic perspective. Whether you are a professional or a layperson, someone interested in working with or supporting people in transformational crises, or primarily in your own growth, the module offers a rich experience and valuable information. In addition to differentiating between psychosis and spiritual emergency, we’ll also explore the intensely practical aspects of who, in these kinds of crises, can benefit from Holotropic Breathwork® and how best to work with them in their emergencies. This workshop includes a discussion of the concept of spiritual emergency, its manifestations and forms, historical and anthropological perspectives, treatment strategies and work with family and friends.