Movie Yoga: The Holotropic Experienced Through Film

April 28-May 3, 2020

GTT Holotropic Breathwork module with STACIA BUTTERFIELD and GTT staff; joined by TAV SPARKS

Guest House Retreat Center, Connecticut River Valley, USA

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This module is an exciting opportunity to experience and enhance the Holotropic Paradigm through the powerful and evocative nature of film. For years, Tav Spark’s passion and knowledge about movies have infused GTT workshops. Participants have found movie watching to be an integral part of their inner process. Based on material from his book Movie Yoga: How Every Film Can Change Your Life, Stacia and Tav will present a complete system of movie watching from the Holotropic Perspective, which will then be able to share with friends, clients and others. This workshop is for those who want another avenue to take the Holotropic into everyday life. Watch together, breathe together, and learn how movies can become a fun and exciting transformative practice, as you experience the perinatal journey through film. This is sure to be an adventure, so bring the popcorn and your Inner Healer.

Each person will experience four sessions of Holotropic Breathwork®, two as a “breather” and two as a “sitter,” along with mandala drawing, music, dance, and more.