Thomas Francescott

Tom Francescott, ND (module facilitator) has been in private practice as a Naturopathic Doctor for the last 15 years in Rhinebeck, NY. He is the founder and director of Dr. Tom’s Tonics, a wellness center & natural pharmacy where he specializes in customized detoxification & weight loss programs and individualized healing approaches to Lyme Disease. He also loves leading week-long cleansing retreats at Omega Institute and throughout the country, focusing on building awareness, mindfulness, and healthy nutrition to feed transformation and live in the heart, body, mind, and spirit.

In 2004, Tom began his personal journey with Holotropic Breathwork after the loss of his sister. After having a “lifechanging” experience on the mat, he knew that Holotropic Breathwork was to play a pivotal role in his life and his private practice. In 2007 he became certified as a Holotropic Breathwork practitioner. Since then, Tom has helped facilitate many GTT modules, as well as certification. Independently, he loves to offer Holotropic Breathwork workshops, weaving mindfulness, cleansing, and shamanism. On a personal note, Tom and his husband enjoy living on the Hudson River in the Hudson Valley, where Tom was born and raised. In his free time, Tom loves traveling, shamanism, spiritual adventures, and swimming in the ocean.