Fr K.C. Thomas

Fr. K.C.Thomas SBD (organizer GTT India; module facilitator) has a Masters in Philosophy and a Diploma in Integral Counselling Psychology. He is a research scholar at  Sedona University. He has taught at Monfort College ( Bangalore), Institute of St. Anselm ( UK), Holy Names University ( California), Salesian Pontifical University(Rome), Caritas Center (Cologne) and is currently  Director of Bosco Institute of Psychology and Spirituality. He is certified practitioner of Holotropic Breathwork and represents Grof Transpersonal Training in India and Sri Lanka.
Fr. K. C. Thomas organises Holotropic Breathwork workshops in different parts of India besides Sri Lanka and Kenya. He also gives Holotropic Breathwork retreats for Catholic Priests  and Nuns. He organises Holotropic  breathwork workshops integrated with yoga and co-ordinates GTT’s training modules in India and Sri Lanka.