Holotropic Breathwork™ CD Series” (4 disc set)

Tav Sparks


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Disc 1 – Getting Started on Your Inner Journey

Tav talks about moving into the fast lane of healing and recovery, how to give ourselves a safe structure, how the birth experience affects our lives and describes what happens in a Holotropic Breathwork™ session.

Disc 2 – Addiction, Recovery and the Spiritual Path

Tav shares his own recovery story and the importance of one’s birth experience to one’s addiction and recovery. He describes the opportunities to learn healthy boundaries, heal trauma, and prevent relapse that are available by doing Holotropic Breathwork™.

Disc 3 – A Modern Spiritual Method with Lessons for Practical Life

Tav talks about the benefits and the healing power of working in enhanced states of awareness in Holotropic Breathwork™. Transforming deep patterns will impact your everyday life in meaningful ways.

Disc 4 – Healing Stories from Holotropic Breathwork™

Tav tells some amazing stories of some doing on-going Holotropic Breathwork™ who have experienced healing from Raynaud’s Disease, asthma, in-uterine trauma, migraine headaches, and depression.