Reconnecting to the Source: The New Science of Spiritual Experience

Ervin Laszlo


In this fully practical and fascinating work, Ervin Laszlo shows how we can connect and reconnect to “the Source” – the quantum universe that is our cosmic womb and the fundamental frame of our life.  The Source exists beyond any religious or philosophical frame, and is available to all people at all times. Being connected to The Source allows us to be genuinely in touch with ourselves, our intuition, our loved ones, nature, and all of humankind.

Of special interest to those involved with Holotropic Breathwork® is Laszlo’s use of the holotropic perspective in a larger context (as Tav Sparks also did in The Power Within). Laszlo calls the drive behind transcendental intelligence, elan vital, prana, or etheric force a “holotropic attractor” and talks about holotropic development affecting different parts of life all throughout the book.