Spirit Gathering

Byron Metcalf


SPIRIT GATHERING (formerly titled Not Without Risk) is an undisputed classic among shamanic practitioners who recognize Metcalf and company’s shamanic stylings as the real deal. Good shamanic music doesn’t invite your participation, it literally draws you into the experience. Spirit Gathering is not “meditative” in the traditional sense, it’s shamanic “traveling” music—primordial, tribal percussion that’s intended to evoke transcendent inner journeys to push the boundaries of your own reality. Strap yourself in with a good audio system, or headphones, and let the consciousness-altering trance rhythms begin. Your immersive journey concludes with a soft landing afforded by track 8, Light From a Burning Bridge—an integrative “communion with Spirit” to complete your powerful experience of Spirit Gathering. The original tracks of Not Without Risk have been re-sequenced and remastered to enhance the flow.