Shaman’s Heart

Byron Metcalf


After being out of print for over 2 years, by popular request the original is now available in a new eco-friendly digipak. The heart is like an alchemical chamber – possessing the power to transform and transmute, fears, wounds, and patterns that block us from always traveling on what Don Juan called “the path with heart.” The ability to remain “heart centered” – to stay connected to one’s compassionate core in the face of adversity and personal challenge is a hallmark of spiritual and psychological maturity. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual system that helps develop the capacity to live fully in the world of the heart. Using ancient and contemporary rhythmic techniques, the intention of THE SHAMAN’S HEART is an invitation to journey into the infinite regions of this heart-space dimension. . . and beyond.

THE SHAMAN’S HEART is a continuous 73 minute journey using varying rhythmic subdivisons of the classic 220 beats per minute journey tempo. The uninterrupted experience is created from a collection of buffalo drums, frame drums and rattles. This time and space altering ceremony is supported with an evolving, breathing atmosphere of subtle contrasting harmonic embraces. Adding to the experience is the sense that it is all occurring in a grounded, environmental space through the use of sounds from the natural world. This potent offering of “music as medicine” can guide and support even the most intrepid of inner travelers.