Dream Tracker

$10 (was 17)
Byron Metcalf - Dashmesh Khalsa - Steve Roach


The essential ingredients of ancient and contemporary shamanic trance states are fully activated in this highly potent new release. Byron carved out a collection of incredible trance grooves for nearly a year, eventually bringing in the prana-infused didgeridoo of Dashmesh Khalsa on every track. Steve joined on in early January 2010 and poured his heart and soul-drenched soundworlds into the six pieces, covering a full range of ecstatic dreamtime flow: rhythm, breath and expansion.The end result is a full-blown dreamtime alchemy of all the elements. The living, breathing percussion, didgeridoo and soundworlds are unified in a single purpose: to open to the door out of the ordinary world – initiating the listener into an empowered journey of infinite possibilities for spiritual rebirth, illumination, and transcendence.


  1. Dream Tracker
  2. Dreamtime Alchemy
  3. From The Inside
  4. Thunder Walk
  5. Roo Runner
  6. Realms of the Sacred Seed
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