The Eggshell Landing: Love, Death and Forgiveness in Hawaii

Christina Grof


376 pages, trade paper, (all profits go to Christina Grof’s estate.)

Christina Grof left us recently, and it was far too soon. But we do have this memoir, completed and published right before she died.

The Eggshell Landing takes us to the warm breezes and flower lined lanais of Hawaii, where Christina was raised by her mother and stepfather. There was much joy in her childhood, but also dark secrets and enduring pain. Now her abusive stepfather is dying of melanoma. Christina’s experiences with her dying stepfather will surprise you and perhaps even change your attitude toward forgiveness.

“Christina Grof offers us a beautifully crafted and moving memoir of transformation of family at the end of a life, of unconsciousness and abuse, understanding and redemption..”

– Jack Kornfield, author of A Path With Heart