Polishing the Bones

Penelope Tarasuk


An intimate portrayal of a woman’s unfolding inner journey through her Jungian analysis, her dreams and her terminal illness as she is guided deeper into the mysteries of life and the extra-ordinary transformation of her death. This is the story of Laura’s creative journey towards her completion, with all its longing, pain, transcendent beauty and love. After the conclusion of her Jungian analysis, Laura becomes terminally ill and her former analyst comes to live with the family to help her to die. The intimacy and depth of relationship between the two women and the foundation of guiding dreams form a container for an unfolding spiritual journey with numinous experience and sacred visions. We witness the tender care of Laura through and after her death as well as the experience of the author, who undergoes her own transformation through an awe-inspiring initiation into the realm of death itself. “A poignant, courageous, beautifully written story of psycho-spiritual healing …reveals the far horizons of not only psycho-spiritual death/rebirth, but the radical healing potential of the actual death experience itself. ” – Tav Sparks, Director of Grof Transpersonal Training and author of The Power Within: Becoming, Being, and the Holotropic Paradigm. “I am on the edge of my seat following your words with my whole body . . . straightforwardly written and very powerful. Few people really understand the power of imagery of their journey. They don’t realize that energy follows the image and in that direction the healing lies.” – Dr. Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst and author. “It’s hard to describe my impressions without falling into shameless hyperbole, so I will say that this book is unlike any I’ve read. Profound. And spellbinding.” – Dr. Lorraine Roses, Professor Emerita, Wellesley College, MA.