Oh, Goddess! Love, Eros and Transcendence in Astrology

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Renn Butler


Artful, innovative, fun, and informative, Butler offers up yet another insightful masterpiece! Renn transforms heavyweight theoretical material into a very accessible format while brilliantly interweaving a radiant sense of humor, making it a delectable treasure to read!
– Amber R. Balk, PhD

Oh, Goddess follows beautifully on the heels of his excellent and insightful handbook of planetary combinations, The Archetypal Universe. . . .Each section is a treat to read, like selecting chocolates from a delicious assortment tailored specifically to one’s personal astrological alignments. Permeated with humor and depth, this book is thoroughly researched and accessible both to newcomers to astrology as well as seasoned skygazers.
-Becca Tarnas, PhD, Author of Journey to the Imaginal Realm

Oh, Goddess is exactly what the astrological community needs right now: a  focus on the rebirth of the Feminine principle in the global culture. Renn makes ample space for the Feminine at the traditional “table of the gods,” showing how she is present and re-emerging with power and growing strength.
-Lisa Leombruni, PhD, The Mystic Midwife