Dora Veiga Jardim

Dora Veiga Jardim (Co-Director, GTT Brazil ) is a psychologist, psychotherapist, specialist in Psychodrama Triad by the Brazilian Society of Psychotherapy, Group Dynamics and Psychodrama – SOBRAP and Specialist in Applied Transpersonal Psychology with a focus on the theories of Stanislav Grof, graduate Lato Sensu 2002 by the Psychotherapeutic and Transpersonal Center at the Catholic University of Goiás

Dora owns, with Alvaro, the certification program of the Grof Transpersonal Training Brazil and coordinates and leads modules. She was certified by Grof Transpersonal Training in São Paulo, March 2008.

Dora is Professor of SOBRAP – Brazilian Society of Psychodrama, Psychotherapy and Group dynamics .

She worked with Álvaro Jardim, in a project using Stanislav Grof’s methodology for Banco Nossa Caixa and Banco do Brazil, with people who had Post Traumatic Stress and other emotional disorders and Psychosomatic in 2007/2008, São Paulo , Brazil.

She is Director of Education and Psychotherapy Center and serves on site doing individual psychotherapy and group directed to children, adolescents and adults, and a professional member of SOBRAP – Brazilian Society of Psychotherapy, Group Dynamics and Psychodrama.