Álvaro Veiga Jardim

Álvaro Veiga Jardim (Co-Director, GTT Brazil) is a psychologist and psychotherapist for over 39 years, with extensive experience in individual and group therapy. His practice includes a wide range of modalities including approaches welfare for recovery and spiritual emergency, transpersonal psychology and Holotropic. Expert in Tibetan Buddhist Psychology in Dharamsala, India, 1996.

Certified by the Grof Transpersonal Training in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, in 1997, he attended advanced training in the US in 1998. He has led one or more Holotropic workshops monthly since 1997, and held workshops in Fortaleza, Recife, Salvador, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, São Borja and Goiânia. Together with his wife Dora Jardim, he is owner and director of the certification program Grof Transpersonal Training Brazil.

He was a member of the Director of the Association Council for Holotropic Breathwork International and a specialist in Human Values and Transdisciplinary at University Salgado de Oliveira.

He taught at the Unified Teaching Center of Brasilia as an adjunct professor, as guest professor at the University Salgado de Oliveira and the Catholic University of Goiás and is a professor in the courses of Transpersonal Psychotherapy Center and Grof Transpersonal Training Brazil.

He developed the project, coordinated and was one of the teachers Specialization in Applied Transpersonal Psychology in the light of Stanislav Grof’s theory held by Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Center, with the seal of the Catholic University of Goiás, from 2002 to 2004.

The article, Holotropic Breathwork in Brazil by Álvaro Jardim and Carmen Maciel, was published by the “Inner Door” and in the book Exploring Holotropic breathwork, edited by Kylea Taylor, Hanford Mead Publishers, Inc., Santa Cruz, California, USA.

Álvaro Jardim and Carmen Maciel inteview with Stanislav Grof was published by the “Giornale Storico Del Centro Studi Di Letteratura Psychology and” Semestrale, Vol. 3, aprile 2007 Fascicolo 4, Psicologi (a) E Comunicazione in Rome, Italy.

Alvaro and Dora Jardim, were also pioneers with an extremely successful project approach to well-being at Banco Nossa Caixa, for people with post-traumatic stress disorder and other emotional and psychosomatic disorders, in 2007/2008, São Paulo, Brazil. Alvaro is Director of the Center for Education and Psychotherapy and Member of the Foundation Grof.