Online / Trauma & Transformation: A Holotropic Perspective

December 2-5, 2021

A GTT Virtual Module with LAURA PRESCOTT

Online via Zoom


Janet Kingsley, GTT office manager,

Trauma and its effects are everywhere. Childhood trauma correlates with health risks; social, behavioral, and emotional problems; and poor life expectancy. People around the world face many other types of violence, often intergenerational. And we are all living through a unique time when the world is gripped by a pandemic causing increased loss and isolation.

Yet in Holotropic Breathwork® and elsewhere, we hear stories of incredible strength, endurance, hope, and even transformation. How does this happen and what does it mean for those holding space for healing and renewal through Holotropic Breathwork® and other modalities? How do we best support people who have been impacted by traumatic experiences and events? The principles of the Holotropic paradigm often parallel those of trauma-informed practice, providing a unique and important framework for people to heal while reclaiming their voice and choice.

Through this Virtual Module we will deepen our own personal awareness and examine assumptions so we can be truly present for the process of healing and transformation. The format will include didactic overview, large and small group discussions and, experiential exercises to deepen and integrate the material. Together we will build a community offering opportunities for growth, increased connection and developing new narratives beyond the trauma identity. In this module we will explore:

  • Definitions of trauma and its impact (on attachment, neurological development, etc)
  • Stories / narratives we develop in order to survive
  • Medical / disease paradigm of trauma and recovery
  • Responses to distress and creating “safety” from a Holotropic perspective
  • Ways to increase our tolerance for distress (in order to remain present)
  • Our assumptions about illness, wellness, recovery, trauma “symptoms”
  • Ways to support people expressing their distress (ex: self-harm, hearing voices, having visions)
  • Secondary trauma – the importance of self-awareness and participating in self-care
  • Post traumatic growth and the opportunity to develop new narratives

COST: $398 until November 11; $428 after
Discount for certified HB practitioners.

Meeting times tba. There will be one three-hour session on Thursday, followed by two three-hour sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In 2020, GTT began offering real-time virtual events that are as close to a GTT module experience as we can make them in an online format.

This “Virtual Module” is open to anyone interested. There will be group interaction, teaching, and experiential sessions.  Everything except actual Holotropic Breathwork® sessions, since HB cannot be done virtually.

Although you may attend this Virtual Module as a stand-alone event, there is also an option for those who wish to get full module credit. In that case, you will be able to make up the Holotropic Breathwork® component in HB-only workshops that we will offer as soon as it is safe to do so.

To enhance the group experience for everyone, please note that you will be expected to attend all sessions of the module just as you would if it were being held live, at a retreat center.