GTT Austria Module / Exploring the Nature of Reality and Holotropic Breathwork®

October 8-13, 2023

A GTT module with PETER KÖLLERERSonja Busch & Thomas Liska

Zurndorf, AUSTRIA

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In this 6-day retreat we will combine the highly effective self-explorative work in non-ordinary states of consciousness with an in-depth investigation into the nature of reality – and thereby our Self – from a non-dual perspective.

Using meditations, exercises and conversations as tools of self-inquiry to examine our experience in the present moment we can begin to see that the current materialistic paradigm (the idea that matter is primary, it comes first, and everything else including consciousness must spring from it) cannot stand when tested against immediate experience.

By sincerely inquiring into the nature of our sense perceptions, of our thinking and feeling and by directly investigating the „I“ that we have proclaimed ourselves to be for basically our whole lives we start to recognize that the apparent separation between „me, in here“ and „the world, out there“ is not what it seems to be.

The perfect complement to this exploration will be four Holotropic Breathwork sessions (two as a breather and two as a sitter) which are always inspired by a principle that is also the basis of all sincere self-inquiry: allowing our current experience to be as it is. Within the framework of Holotropic Breathwork® this proposition of non-interference is described as surrendering to our innate healing intelligence or „Inner Healer“. the way Holotropic Breathwork® can change our everyday.