Certification Closing Intensive in Europe

February 19-March 4, 2023

Thirteen-day closing certification retreat.

Zurndorf, AUSTRIA

Hotel information


Contact: Holotropia@pm.me 


Begins Sunday, 19 February, 6:00 pm, ends Saturday 4 March, 1:00 pm

For those who have completed the necessary requirements. Because of the unusual nature of the past three years, please contact us about your individual situation if you are close to fulfilling all of your requirements.

To attend certification, you also must:
1) have applied and been accepted to GTT
2) have applied and been accepted to attend the Certification Intensive
3) register for the Certification Intensive with GTTAustria


Application information and support packet
Forms for applying
Facilitator recommendation form
Ethical Agreements of Holotropic Breathwork® Practitioners
Principles of Holotropic Breathwork®

About becoming certified in Holotropic Breathwork